Shelby Pierson

" I've Seen A lot of Trick Riders In My Day.. And These Girls Have Got It.."

- Bob Tallman 8x PRCA Announcer of the Year

Shelby is 18 years old and lives on a ranch outside of Wardlow, Alberta. She has been trick riding since the young age of eight, and a professional since the age of 10. Shelby is a 3 Time Canadian Trick Riding Champion, and in 2015 she travelled to Australia as a part of Team Canada and was crowned the Australian Trick Riding Champion. Shelby is best known for her unique and quick style of vaulting which is recognized at rodeos across North America.

Emily Peebles

Emily Peebles is 20 years old and hails from Sparwood, British Columbia. For the past 8 years Emily has travelled across United States and Canada entertaining crowds with her high-energy tricks. Emily is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist and in 2015 and 2016 was selected to perform at the Canadian Finals Rodeo. Emily loves what rodeo has to offer, and is proud to be apart of such a great sport

Snake River Stampede 2016 , Photo by: Hal Coburn


Armstrong IPE 2017, Photo by: Fiona Green

"Fate Loves The Fearless..." - James Russell

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